Art&Graft - 25K
25k was a self-initiated project that I pitched internally at Art&Graft. I wanted to create an animation to celebrate the Art&Graft Instagram account about to hit the 25,000 follower milestone, while also conveying the A&G ethos of hard work and dedication to the craft.

I loved the idea of a woodworker in their shed faced with a towering chunk of wood, and carefully wittling into an ornament they can proudly display on their shelf.
Produced at Art&Graft

2D Character — Sam Kracun

Comp & Grading — Jeremy Cisse & Stephen Middleton

My Role - Direction & 3D
Early storyboard I put together for the internal Art&Graft pitch
I worked on a lot of the 2D roughs during my commute using an iPad. These were later handed to Sam Kracun, who did an amazing job applying a more considered character design and lovely animation.